Welcome to the website for the Profiling Float and Sensor Workshop, to be held at the University of Washington in Seattle, September 11-15 2017.

There are several motivations for holding this workshop.


We note that over 60% of the floats deployed in Argo are Teledyne/Webb APEX floats, and nearly 100% of the CTD units in Argo are SeaBird models 41 or 41CP. These technologies were last discussed in detail at a Argo-sponsored workshop held in Seattle in 2005.  Since then a number of new float and CTD types have become available, yet these have never been discussed in detail by float user community. There are a number of changes presently taking place both in both float technology and CTD technology, and deep float technology is in its infancy, as are the CTD units used on deep Argo floats.  


Some float types are used by a wide range of national Argo programs, but the performance (number of cycles) achieved has significant variation between different groups using the same or similar equipment. The intention here is to provide a forum in which users can establish best practices and improve performance across the profiling float fleet.


There are a number of evolutions and innovations coming soon in float types, controllers, sensors, and sampling capability. The meeting will provide an opportunity for users and manufacturers to discuss optimum use of the latest technologies, and to indicate to manufacturers the requirements and expectations for the coming years.

The meeting will be broken into discrete activities of a half or whole day, each concentrating on aspecific float or sensor type. It is planned that the manufacturers of each technology will participate in the relevant sessions to provide expert technical input and to receive detailed feedback on requirements or difficulties encountered.


Who should participate?


The meeting is designed for engineers and technical staff involved in receiving floats and preparing them for deployment, and anyone involved in or responsible for procurement decisions and float specification, mission planning, float evaluation.