Draft (7/18/2017) Float/Sensor Workshop Agenda


Day 1 (Monday 9/11)

APEX floats:  basic float operation; connecting to a float and setting mission parameters; available options; ice software; APF9 and APF11 controllers; other sensors; sampling modes; communications; battery types; basic Argo requirements.


Morning:  0830-1230: Float technical discussions

Afternoon: 1330-1430:  Continue morning as necessary; 1430-1700 vendors

Evening:  group dinner


Day 2 (Tuesday 9/12)

CTDs:  SeaBird, old and new; sampling parameters; CTD sensors and issues; calibration and delayed mode adjustment.


Morning, 0830-1230: Basic SBE CTD operation and interrogating a CTD; laboratory consistency checks; sensor issues; real-time and delayed mode data

Afternoon, 1330-1430:  Continue morning as necessary; 1430-1700: SBE representatives


Day 3 (Wednesday 9/13)

More float types:  Navis, MRV, NKE, etc.; user experiences; issues; progress.


Morning, 0830-1230: User experience with these float types; similarities/differences with APEX

Afternoon, 1330-1700:  Vendor representatives


Day 4 (Thursday 9/14)

Other CTD types; RBR; delayed mode adjustment.


Morning, 0830-1230: Inductive CTDs, past, present, future; user experience with RBR; certification by Argo; issues

Afternoon, 1330-1700:  Vendor reps from RBR, NKE (NOSS)


Day 5 (Friday 9/15)

Deep floats (APEX, SIO/MRV); how they work; similarities and differences with core-Argo; deep CTD units.


Morning, 0830-1130:  User experience with deep SOLO and deep APEX; deep CTD performance

Afternoon, 1300-1600:  Vendor reps; final workshop summary