People/Technical Staff

Dana Swift, Senior Research Engineer. Dana (note: indispensible) supervises activities in the UW float laboratory, provides all systems and software support for Argo float construction, and is responsible for all the design work for new float modifications and sensors.

Anil (Rick) Rupan, Research Engineer and Manager, float lab. Rick is involved in all phases of float construction and testing (with Dale) and the logistics of getting the floats to their appointed destinations. He travels extensively to ports around the world where floats are being loaded on deployment vessels; he performs technical checks on the floats prior to loading, helps to load the ship, and interacts with ship personnel concerning proper deployment methods and deployment locations. Rick is also very involved in outreach programs with middle- and high school students.

Greg Brusseau, Research Engineer. Greg (along with Rick) is responsible for the actual float construction. He builds and tests floats, carries out sensor calibration, and deals with the logistics of shipping the floats to their destination. He often works in the field to check floats prior to deployment and goes to sea as necessary.

Andrew Meyer, Research Engineer Andrew joined the group in January of 2017 and is responsible for building floats, float logistics (shipping, etc.), and checking floats in the field. He works closely with Rick and Greg.

Annie Wong, Senior Research Scientist. Dr. Wong is responsible for all of the delayed-mode analysis that is done on the UW Argo data. Annie examines the data from each float at 6-month intervals and, based on climatology, assesses the stability of the sensors on the instrument during that time and makes calibration corrections where necessary. With over 2000 new profiles arriving on our server each month, this is an enormous task. Annie has also written an extensive set of software tools that can be used in the delayed-mode work that are now used by Argo groups throughout the world. She participates actively in the Argo Data Management Team.

Robert Drucker, Senior Research Scientist. Robert is a scientific programmer, with experience in Unix and Linux systems, Matlab, and C++. In the past 20 years he has worked extensively with satellite data from high latitudes and has co-authored a number of papers on the physics and distribution of sea ice and ocean circulation at high latitudes. He is presently examining the variability of surface temperature and salinity using global satellite datasets.

Dale Ripley, Research Engineer (retired). Dale retired in September of 2013 after over 30 years at UW. Between the early 1990s and 2013 he built over 1000 floats of various types. The quality of his work was superb and we wish him well.

Chanelle Cadot, Undergraduate Helper. Chanelle is a fourth-year undergraduate student at UW and joined the float group in the fall of 2016. She works part-time at helping with float construction and maintaining test equipment.

Ian Borchert, Undergraduate Helper. Ian is a second-year undergraduate student at UW and joined the float group in the fall of 2017. He works part-time at helping with float construction and maintaining test equipment.